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10 Questions to Ask Yourself
About Your Home Electrical System

Do circuit breakers in your home trip often or do fuses keep blowing?


Are GFCI outlets installed where required?


Are extension cords needed to reach the outlets in any room?


Is there rust on the main electrical service panel?


Do the lights dim when appliances turn on?


Do electrical switches or outlets feel warm or tingly?


Do your electrical outlets need accessory plug-strips?


Do your outlets not accept three-prong plugs?


Is the wiring in your outlet boxes old and crumbling?


Have you never upgraded your electrical service?

10 Questions to
Ask an Electrician

Are you licensed in this municipality?


Do you have proof of your Workmans Compensation Insurance?


Do you have proof of your Liability Insurance Policy? If so, how much coverage does it cover?


Will my electrical panel need replacement?


Will I have to apply for a permit?


Is my home's electrical system adequately grounded?


Are there any hidden costs for the work?


Will you use all-copper wiring for any new installation?


If my service needs upgrading, will the entire house have to be rewired?


Can you provide references from other homeowners?

Money Saving Ideas...
Buy energy efficient appliances. Look for the Energy Star on appliances and consider the annual energy cost before buying. More efficient appliances cost more, but you make up the extra cost and then some over the life of the product.

 Help! 24/7 Emergency Service

 Help! 24/7 Emergency Service

Ozburn Electric | 8316 Hazelbrand Rd NE, Covington, GA 30014 | 770-784-1618 | E-Mail

Ozburn Electric | 8316 Hazelbrand Rd NE, Covington, GA 30014 | 770-784-1618 | E-Mail

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