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Our Mission
We will provide unsurpassed "CUSTOMER SERVICE" by utilizing teams that are "EMPOWERED" and "COMMITTED" to issue "100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION". We will continuously seek, find and provide "THE BEST TRAINING" for team members. For every dollar out customer spends, they will be provided with "THE INDUSTRY'S FINEST". From the phone call... During the service... and after the service...

Twenty five years have passed since my wife and I opened the doors of Ozburn Electrical Contractors, Inc. We are truly grateful to all of our customers and employees for this milestone. It is our full intention to provide our services for another 25 years.

As the owner, I want you to know, why I believe we are successful.

  1. We strive for long term customer relationships.
  2. We know what it takes to keep these relationships intact, such as the quality of products and services we provide.
  3. Our willingness to be flexible. Timeliness in meeting each commitment and steady completion of your work, while keeping a close eye on customer satisfaction.

For the last two plus decades, by just simply "Delivering What the Customer Wants", we have made thousands of customers feel secure with a job well done. We really do care about each customer. You will find from the first phone call, through our first physical appearance, the estimating process and throughout the completion of the work, you will be completely satisfied.


Before a technician can become part of our team, they must go through a series of tests and interviews. Testing includes a full character background check, drug testing, motor vehicle check, IQ test, trade test, etc. Once hired, if they have not had accredited formal training, they are required to complete either a 2 year or 4 year Electrical Program that is established by the Independent Electrical Contractors Association, of which we are active members. 

Ozburn Electric ranked 10th in U.S. and Canada. Click for details >>

Money Saving Ideas...
Install a programmable thermostat. These devices regulate the temperature in your house automatically according to the schedule that you set and can easily cut your energy bill by 10 to 20%.

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